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Memory Cafe

    Memory DayByDay sponsors the cafe.  It is a place for people with dementia and their family & friends to come and enjoy a cup of coffee, mental activities.  But most of all, share their stories and enjoy a conversation.  In this way, they remain part of the larger community.

​​Our Services

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Memory Screening

          We offer memory screening for people concerned about memory loss.​

     Session One: Cognitive testing and review of possible risk factors 

     Session Two: Review the testing with the client and partner/friend and make recommendations. Two copies of the recommendations will be generated, one for the client and one for the client's medical provider.

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The Program

     The Program is an early-memory loss program for people with early-onset or early-stage Alzheimer's dementia and their caregivers.  There will be mental activities to sharpen and focus the mind, support group for caregivers and also people with dementia. 

     A photo book will be created to capture memories and stories with the help of the family.

     We are partnering with UCSF, School of Nursing to run a research study on communication between the person with dementia and their caregiver.